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Bizcommunity coverage: Conscious consumers driving sustainability in the beverage industry

“Young consumers are recognising the role that individual choices make in combatting climate change. By supporting businesses that do the work of being sustainable on their behalf, they are enforcing meaningful, demand-driven change – instead of relying solely on NGOs and NPOs to push green policies,” says Alex Glenday, director at Brew Kombucha, South Africa’s&nbspREAD MORE >

IOL coverage: More SA millennials are opting for zero and low-alcohol alternatives

The so-called “sober curious” movement is gathering pace in the beverage sector as more individuals opt to lower their alcohol intake or remove it altogether. That is according to the director at Brew Kombucha, Alex Glenday. With increased interest in living healthier lifestyles, especially amid a global pandemic, millennial and Gen Z South Africans are&nbspREAD MORE >

Women On Top coverage: #Career Focus: Alex Glenday – Brew Kombucha

Most people want to make decisions that benefit their health and their environment, but don’t know where to start. For Brew Kombucha founder Alex Glenday, it all starts with changing the way we consume. The self-taught brewer made her first batch of kombucha, a fizzy, fermented drink in her mom’s kitchen in 2015. Since then,&nbspREAD MORE >