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All4Women coverage: How Covid-19 will affect the future of maternity care in SA

Antenatal care, skilled delivery and postnatal care have a significant impact on the health of the mother, but health systems are struggling as midwives and nurses are being pulled into frontline work to combat the spread of the virus, limiting the support available for expectant mothers at the time of delivery. Additionally many women are&nbspREAD MORE >

All4Women coverage: The Birthing Team – Antenatal care to continue during Covid-19 lockdown

With the rising number of locally transmitted Covid-19 cases across South Africa, government has declared a 21-day national lockdown, effective until 16 April. For many expectant mothers, there are concerns about how this will impact their access to maternity care. Client The Birthing Team reassures mothers that they can still access antenatal care. Click here&nbspREAD MORE >