Women On Top coverage: #Career Focus: Alex Glenday – Brew Kombucha

Most people want to make decisions that benefit their health and their environment, but don’t know where to start. For Brew Kombucha founder Alex Glenday, it all starts with changing the way we consume. The self-taught brewer made her first batch of kombucha, a fizzy, fermented drink in her mom’s kitchen in 2015. Since then, she’s built a thriving kombucha business that puts the planet first – all while juggling a successful modelling career.

In 2016, Glenday launched Brew Kombucha, South Africa’s first and only provider of certified organic rooibos tea kombucha. The company is committed to sustainability at every point of the production process – from carefully selected suppliers to certified organic ingredients and 99% single-use plastic free packaging, made up of recycled materials.

“We have an opportunity to make an impact every time we choose one product over another. My goal was to find a way to make the choice easy, to create something that is sustainable, healthy and delicious all at the same time,” says Glenday.

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