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IOL coverage: Workations: Adopting the Gen Z approach to maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Between interest rate hikes, load shedding, and record-cold temperatures, South Africans deserve a holiday. Unfortunately, for most of the population, the rising cost of living doesn’t allow for much flexibility when trying to achieve a work-life balance. Enter the workation – a way to break the monotonous cycle of work, by turning any location, anywhere&nbspREAD MORE >

IOL coverage: Skip winter by teaching abroad

Winter has arrived in South Africa. Locals keen to escape the cold – and dark – can take advantage of the global need for English teachers in countries like Italy and Thailand. IOL unpacks how teaching abroad provides an opportunity to chase summer around the globe, while earning a solid income. To read more, click&nbspREAD MORE >

The Citizen coverage: With travel restrictions lifted, vaccinated, jobless youths can take a gap year

Vaccinated unemployed youths can take a gap year as travel restrictions are lifted. Over 11 million South Africans are now fully vaccinated, making them eligible to travel to at least 52 countries worldwide – without having to quarantine on arrival. This presents an opportunity for high school pupils, and university students battling to get a&nbspREAD MORE >

IOL coverage: Digital holiday jobs on the rise due to Covid-19

The impact of the pandemic has forced students to look for safe and flexible part-time jobs with many turning to technology to help fund their summer break. “A holiday job is a great way to make some extra cash, bulk up your CV and make professional connections. While industries that rely on face-to-face interaction may&nbspREAD MORE >

Business Tech coverage: Use Black Friday to kickstart a new career

Beyond discounted TVs and toilet paper, Black Friday offers a unique opportunity for a complete career change. Those who’ve enjoyed working from home during lockdown can leverage Black Friday to find specials on remote work equipment. With the latest portable tech in hand, savvy shoppers can launch a new office-free, adventure-filled lifestyle. “Black Friday and&nbspREAD MORE >

Cape Talk coverage: How to avoid heading back to the office

Those who have enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of remote work during lockdown may be looking to make their home office a permanent fixture. For South Africans who have gotten used to working in pyjama pants, or those considered too high-risk to return to an office, teaching English as a foreign language online could provide&nbspREAD MORE >

Business Tech coverage: The impact of Covid-19 has caused a surge in this one type of qualification

Accurate, up-to-date statistics are a great way to get media attention. We helped client The TEFL Academy put together an international survey to gather data on the impact of Covid-19 on the TEFL industry. The survey revealed that 60% of those wanting to teach abroad say they are more concerned about job availability than the&nbspREAD MORE >

News24 coverage: Increased demand for online English teachers

PR bridges the gap between organisations doing great things and the people who will benefit from hearing about them. We helped client The TEFL Academy let South Africans know that teaching English online could be the solution for those struggling to make ends meet while in lockdown. Click here to read the full article.