Tech Financials coverage: Introducing the “Robo-Lawyer” Into South African Legal Firms

The world’s first “robot lawyer” has gone from helping people dispute their parking tickets, to assisting lawyers with over a hundred different areas of consumer rights. With technology rapidly evolving, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a valuable tool for law firms to increase efficiency through automation.

“Law firms have traditionally been slow to adapt to new technology, with many fearing that it will replace key roles within the legal profession. In reality, automation can be used to help lawyers save time and resources,” says Dries Cronje, founder of Deep Learning Café, a South African AI consulting company.

Legal tech presents new opportunities for smaller law firms; from reviewing documents, contracts and case research, to improved team collaboration through shared workspaces and collections, it will allow them to take on a larger scope of work. With this in mind, Deep Learning Café has launched Doc-Insight, an AI tool built to help lawyers make sense of the huge amounts of data associated with the legal profession.

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