Bizcommunity coverage: #BizTrends2021: AI will have a real-world impact in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining notable momentum across a number of industries. In the past year, we saw rapid digital transformation spurred by Covid-19, with new technologies being adopted almost overnight. As we enter 2021, the same upward trajectory can be expected, as AI becomes an increasingly normal part of our daily lives.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, businesses still feel quite vulnerable, and many will be in recovery phases for the next few years. As a result, they will need to rely more heavily on AI technology to ensure smarter decisions are made.

In the past, many companies have dipped their toes into digital technologies such as automation and deep learning, but 2020 proved to be the year to dive headfirst. As a result, businesses implemented alternative and new solutions with years worth of innovation, in as little as five to six months. This year, we expect to see a solid expansion and development of the use of AI in important and meaningful ways in 2021 and beyond:

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