The Futurists 2024 – key take-outs

Our Head of Strategy and Director were all smiles at The Futurists 2024 event, hosted by Heavy Chef, last week Thursday (this picture was taken *before* the talks that outlined the future of the country and the world). Here are their top three take-outs:

🗳️At least 64 countries around the world – representing a combined population of about 49% of the people in the world – are meant to hold national elections in 2024. The results will influence news cycles over the next few months, and shape the world for so many people in the years to come.

🤖 Generative AI is currently the worst it’s ever going to be. From deep fakes to AI influencers, tech-generated videos and images are only going to become more convincing and life-like. The only thing we can do now is prepare.

🎓 An AI student might get their degree before you do – Michigan University in the US has enrolled two AI students and encouraged them to study through to their PhDs. In addition to being a groundbreaking project, innovations like these make for effective PR and expert positioning.

🍾 The white wine ran out too early – next year, we’ll be bringing our own.