Bizcommunity coverage: Green building practices can mitigate lockdown fallout

As the cost of construction continues to rise in South Africa, developers are looking for ways to cut down on expenses, which have been further exacerbated by lockdown. By implementing green building practices, developers can reduce building costs by up to 13% – and have a positive impact on the environment at the same time.&nbspREAD MORE >

Cape Talk coverage: How to avoid heading back to the office

Those who have enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of remote work during lockdown may be looking to make their home office a permanent fixture. For South Africans who have gotten used to working in pyjama pants, or those considered too high-risk to return to an office, teaching English as a foreign language online could provide&nbspREAD MORE >

Business Tech coverage: The impact of Covid-19 has caused a surge in this one type of qualification

Accurate, up-to-date statistics are a great way to get media attention. We helped client The TEFL Academy put together an international survey to gather data on the impact of Covid-19 on the TEFL industry. The survey revealed that 60% of those wanting to teach abroad say they are more concerned about job availability than the&nbspREAD MORE >

Bizcommunity coverage: University education is key to preventing future outbreaks

A spotlight has been placed on the role of scientific research and the study of viruses and diseases, due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Universities are best placed to provide the environment and resources necessary to overcome future pandemics, but only if students are supported enough to succeed academically and follow these career paths. Client&nbspREAD MORE >

Good Things Guy coverage: South African high school students drive social change online

Five Johannesburg-based high school students have used their time in lockdown to drive positive social change. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of socially conscious protest movements, including Black Lives Matter and the fight against gender-based violence, the students, supported by client Crimson Education, have remotely built and launched an online platform to respond&nbspREAD MORE >

News24 coverage: HIV testing programme falls victim to Covid-19

PR is an essential tool when it comes to communicating directly with the general public, especially in times of major change. We helped client Witkoppen Clinic communicate the news about the discontinuation of their HIV community testing programme in a sensitive and transparent manner. Click here to read the full article. 

ITWeb coverage: Crimson’s private online high school comes to SA

With Covid-19 causing so much uncertainty around the continuation of the 2020 school year, we helped client Crimson Education with the local launch of their private online high school, the Crimson Global Academy. As many parents and students turn to online learning as the new normal, CGA, which offers international GCSE and A-level qualifications, will&nbspREAD MORE >

Memeburn coverage: ecommerce feels logistics pinch of Covid-19 boom

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have posed a major challenge to businesses. But one sector has seen a major surge: online shopping. With social distancing and working from home, more consumers have turned to e-commerce sites. Local sites and apps let you order everything from grocery deliveries to furniture orders. To read the full&nbspREAD MORE >

Bizcommunity coverage: Student accommodation: Designing for the new normal

With Covid-19 infections on the rise, two-thirds of the country’s student population have been forced to stay home due to lockdown restrictions. Those without access to laptops, wi-fi or reliable electricity will not be able to complete the academic year via online learning. John Schooling, Director at student accommodation group STAG African, has collated his&nbspREAD MORE >