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Zetske’s winter work out tips

Local celebrity and TV actress, Zetske van Pletzen, lays down some ground rules for staying fit and healthy during the cold winter months. Best known for her role as Marcel in 7de Laan, the Adventure Boot Camp brand ambassador is a big advocate for exercise; “a healthy body is a healthy mind – not only does exercise keep you fit but it’s also excellent for your mental well being too.”

“When you’re cooped up inside all day, outdoor exercise, especially during the cold winter months, is an excellent way to soak up some good old fashioned Vitamin D and it offers an opportunity to breathe in some fresh, natural air – there are more than enough germs floating around your workspace at this time of the year, so get out there and stay healthy!”

Zetske’s tips to get you outside and exercising:

  • Embrace the cold weather: Yes – seriously! Getting outside is not only invigorating, it also provides a great change of pace from being inside all day.
  • Get new gear: I’m not suggesting that you blow your budget here but new workout clothes will provide you with the proper gear to face the cold and it might just help motivate to get you outside and exercising too!
  • Stay on top of things: If work is really bogging you down and you’re feeling the winter blues, set aside some time at the start or end of your day to workout. You’d be amazed at how just a little bit of exercise makes everything seem so much more manageable.
  • Set a BIG goal: Whether you want to lose weight, lose centimeteres or increase your race times, set a goal to work towards. Make it as specific as possible and reward yourself not only with a summer body that was made in winter but with those heels that you’ve been eyeing or a divine facial to rehydrate your winter skin.

With the support of a highly qualified trainer, a dietician, an eating plan as well as a network of like-minded women at Adventure Boot Camp, exercising in winter will literally be a walk in the park. From Cape Town to Polokwane, Adventure Boot Camp classes are available across the country. Camps take place over four weeks, for one hour in the morning or evening – sign up now for one, three or five days a week for a guaranteed hour of fun for all fitness levels. To find a class and suitable time slot in your area, visit Staying fit and healthy in winter really is that simple – just ask Zetske!



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