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Your kids, the holidays and tech time safety

The summer holidays have arrived, which means your kids now have ample time to spend surfing the net, chatting on their phones and engaging on social media platforms, such as Facebook. While this is fine in moderation, parents are warned to keep an eye on their child’s tech time, especially who they are engaging with.

“It is inevitable that kids will spend more time on their devices during the holidays. More time spent on the Internet during the December break puts your child at greater risk of engaging in unsafe situations online”, says primary school principal of Riverside College, Lynne Arbuckle.

With this in mind, Arbuckle has put together some holiday tech time safety tips.

  1. Activate parental controls on computers and cell phones – this will ensure that your kids are not able to access sites that are inappropriate.
  2. Know what your children are doing – play the games that they enjoy with them and look at the sites that they use.
  3. Talk tech – talk to your children about internet safety, the risks involved, and help them to understand the importance of privacy settings and how to activate them.
  4. Encourage your children to use child – friendly search engines and turn on the safe search settings that are available for the mainstream options such as Google and Bing.
  5. Be aware of cyber-bullying on social media, chat rooms and multiplayer games – talk to your children about the kinds of conversations they are having online. Let them know that if they do see something upsetting or abusive online, they should talk to you about it.


Lynne Arbuckle has been the principal of Riverside College, based in Cape Town’s Burgundy Estate, since 2013. The pre-primary, primary and secondary schools have a holistic approach to education, with a comprehensive academic, sports and extra mural activity programme. All classes are capped at 24 learners.





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