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World Food Day – take up the challenge

As food prices continue to soar, welfare organisations are feeling the pinch, with many foodstuffs becoming grossly unaffordable. Highlighting the plight of the 923-million undernourished people in the world, World Food Day, which takes place on the 16th of October every year, is aimed at heightening public awareness around the world’s food problems.

Online platform forgood is rallying support for World Food Day with their #foodforgood challenge. “We challenge all South Africans, individuals and big brands alike, to fulfil the food donation needs listed on forgood. Currently we have more than 90 of these needs from all over South Africa.” says Andy Hadfield, forgood’s CEO.

The mechanism for the #foodforgood challenge is simple:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on campaigns or the World Food Day banner
  3. Find a need in your area
  4. Make the connection

Describing themselves as the social glue that connects individuals and groups to Causes, forgood has more than 430 accredited Causes on their site. “We create relevant connections for everyone involved and use technology to effect social impact at scale. World Food Day is the perfect opportunity for us to rally support across the board,” says Hadfield.

Currently there are more than 140 000 registered non-profits in South Africa, the bulk of which are struggling to make it by on a day-to-day basis. The majority of Causes receive very little attention, mostly due to the fact that they are unknown.

“Forgood opens the door for these Causes. All of the Causes registered on forgood have been vetted and our platform provides a user-friendly channel for individuals and organisations who are looking for legitimate Causes and projects to support,” says Hadfield.

“Thousands of South Africans live below the breadline; they have been hit the hardest by escalating food prices, with basic food stuffs such as a maize meal, bread and meat becoming unaffordable. Through forgood, we can all start to bridge that gap, solve social problems and become more involved, engaged citizens,” says Hadfield.

The #foodforgood challenge will run until 16 October. Visit, or @forgoodSA on Twitter to take part and make a real difference.



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