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What nonprofits really need

Research conducted by forgood (, an online volunteer platform, shows that South African citizens continue to be generous in donating their time and goods to nonprofit organisations. Yet, data collected from the site also reveals a mismatch between what people offer and what causes actually need. logs and analyses the connections that it facilitates, revealing trends in philanthropic behaviour in South Africa. Over the past year, Causes have posted four times more requests for goods as they have for time and skills. In contrast, users volunteer their time or skills four times more than any offers of donated goods.

“Despite great intentions on both sides, the social sector and citizens often miss each other. Through regular surveys and data tracking, we are noting the challenges that NPOs face and are finding ways to communicate them to the people who can help. We want to put South Africans’ desire to do good – to the best possible use,” says CEO of forgood Andy Hadfield.

What are South Africans doing?

  • Of all actions on the site, people are most likely to respond to requests for professional, skilled services – 25% of responses to needs fall into this category.
  • There is an inclination towards educational needs (both time and goods), followed closely by donations of clothing.
  • Surprisingly, responses to environmental needs rank at the bottom – only 1% of responses to needs falling in this category.

What do Causes need?

  • Goods! 74% of all needs listed on the site are for goods and physical resources.
  • Clothing and food are most frequently requested, making up 18% of the total goods requests.
  • Requests for educational materials and electronics are also frequently logged (13%).

Currently, there are over 500 goods needs on the site, which has registered over 3000 connections between people and Causes since relaunching in early 2015. The social venture generates revenue by offering a product that streamlines and manages corporate employee volunteering programmes. Employee volunteer actions logged on the site can be incorporated in to CSI mandates, contributing to BBEEE ratings.

If you want to give the nonprofit sector what they really need… start thinking about your previously loved stuff or organise a goods donation drive at work – there are plenty of ideas, just log in to and take real value added action.



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