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TEFL Academy launches the world’s first Factbook

Teaching English as a foreign language represents one of the fastest growing industries for young professionals seeking adventure and overseas employment. With so much information available online, it can be difficult for prospective teachers to choose their destination wisely. South Africa’s leading course provider of teaching English as a foreign language, The TEFL Academy, has launched the world’s first Factbook, a comprehensive guide to teaching English abroad.

“We’ve profiled over 100 countries, covering all the key facts TEFL teachers need to know before deciding where they’d like to go,” says Rhyan O’Sullivan, Managing Director of The TEFL Academy. Favoured countries for South Africans include South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Spain. The Factbook offers an accessible comparison between these countries, allowing TEFL teachers to choose their destination based on affordability, salary, culture and lifestyle.

From the seductive sounds of the tango in Argentina, to the lush green landscapes of Sri Lanka, the Factbook contains essential information for TEFL teachers such as average pay, cost of living, types of learners and working environments, as well as the weather conditions in each country. Striking a balance between work and play, the guide also outlines the average price for a beer and what local foods to try.

“For many young professionals, a TEFL qualification is their ticket to explore the world. It’s an unmissable opportunity to work and travel abroad, that’s well within their reach. We want them to make the best-informed decision they can before setting off, the Factbook is the perfect tool for this,” says O’Sullivan.

Compiled by a team of researchers and consulting authoritative sources in each country, The World TEFL Factbook can be used by teachers and interested parties. Young South Africans, with a sense of adventure, can decide where their TEFL qualification will take them including Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos as well as exotic island nations like the Philippines, Indonesia or the Maldives.

Offering accessible, flexible and cost-effective ways to get TEFL qualified, The TEFL Academy is internationally accredited and regulated. To be updated annually, Their World TEFL Factbook is available to download from their website,



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