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Sports pathway to admission to US universities

No one does university sports quite like the United States – packed stadiums, state-of-the-art facilities, committed fans and access to excellent educational opportunities that draw students from around the world. Competition for spots at these globally top-ranked institutions is steep and fees are high, but South African sports stars can leverage their athletic abilities to land a place and funding for the likes of Stanford, Michigan and Duke universities.

Whether a student is aiming to play a sport at a professional level or just play for fun during their university years, sports scholarships are a great way in to some of the best campuses in the world,” says Rebecca Pretorius, Country Manager for Crimson Education.  The global education company assists young people to gain entry to universities in the United States and United Kingdom.

Navigating the large and complex American university sports system can be overwhelming for even the most talented high school students. There are three divisions, each with different eligibility criteria and levels of funding available. Applicants need to build a campaign that demonstrates their skill as well as contact and maintain a relationship with a talent scout and coach.

“Success boils down to finding the best fit university, having a good strategy and getting started early,” says Pretorius. With a specialised athletic division, Crimson Education assists learners by designing and helping to implement an admissions roadmap. This includes athletic campaigning to coaches, eligibility assessment, creating a recruitment video, and test preparation and tutoring to ensure that academic requirements are met.

While only around 2% of student athletes go on to sign contracts after university, participation is highly regarded by future employers. “They are seen to have demonstrated drive, time management skills, teamwork and the ability to consistently push one’s limits. They also get a lot out of their university experience – the social backing of a team, travel, academic support programmes and an all-round enriching university experience,” says Pretorius.

“How much you enjoy and get out of your university education depends on whether or not you choose the best fit campus for you – one that suits your academic and athletic interests,” says Pretorius.

Helping applicants navigate admissions processes and campaign to coaches across all divisions has seen 100% of Crimson Education students gain access to universities on a sports scholarship. Students and parents who are inspired by the idea can attend one of the company’s information sessions by emailing





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