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Snack smart

Snacking does not deserve the bad reputation that it’s earned – that is, if you eat the right snack foods – ones that are not high in sugar, fat or calories. Backed by research, which strongly suggests five small meals a day, as opposed to just three, Rawlicious, founders of the raw food movement in South Africa, have launched a superfoods Trail Mix, the perfect in between meal snack and on the go treat.

Packed with certified organic goji berries, raw cacao nibs, organic white mulberries and brazil nuts, Trail Mix is a delicious healthy alternative – quick and easy to keep at the office, for lunch boxes and as a picnic treat. Trail Mix is the perfect high-energy food for long adventurous hikes or as an afternoon pick me up. Available in a range of sizes, Trail Mix is easy to store at home, in the car, in a bag, or wherever you need.

Healthy food snacks are important, they help maintain energy levels by keeping your blood sugar stable and also assist with meeting your daily nutrient requirements. Snacking in between meals will help with preventing you from overeating at your next meal – making it an excellent in between meal for weight watchers, hungry teens and kids and anyone who is constantly on the go.

The Rawlicious trail mix will help keep your energy levels high and your mind alert, without taking up a lot of your time. The answer to avoiding the vending machine and other nasty junk meals lies in being prepared – it’s as simple as your A, B, C.

Soaring Free Superfoods trail mix is available from most leading health stores, the Rawlicious shop or online at For more information call: 0861 000 976 or email



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Rawlicious and Soaring Free Superfoods:

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