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Reduce your carbon footprint – exercise outdoors

Reducing your carbon footprint, save electricity – exercise outdoors! We might not think of gyms as notable culprits (we have cars and animal agriculture for that), but the culture of indoor gymming can be a significant contributor to greenhouse gas output. Moving your workout outdoors has not only been found to improve mood and reduce stress – it is also gaining ground because it is a greener alternative.

“There isn’t any reason to sweat it out in a temperature-controlled room,” says Adventure Boot Camp head trainer Wendy-Joy Timmes, a seasoned marathon runner and exercise guru. Timmes believes that health and fitness should be fun, social and inclusive of environmental considerations.

Why outdoor exercise is good for you and the planet:

It uses natural assets: Wind resistance, slopes, variety in surface and geography can all be harnessed to improve fitness. Outdoor exercise means using public space to its fullest potential, investing in its upkeep and fostering a sense of local community.

Less energy consumed: On average, a treadmill uses between 600 and 700 watts of energy – the equivalent of leaving 50 fluorescent bulbs burning simultaneously. Not to mention the power consumed by air conditioning, lighting and multiple televisions.

Saves water: Gyms have very high water usage – showers, massive pools and excessive cleaning to keep germs and smells at bay. Considering the water shortages we now face, it is vital that we start cutting down.

Join the outdoor exercise revolution:

Visit to find a suitable location and class. With over 50 available locations across the country, camps take place over four weeks for one hour in the morning or evening. Choose between four, 12 or 20 sessions (an average of one, three or five days a week).



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