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Raising water wise kids

February marks Environmental Health Month – there is no better time to get your kids thinking about being water wise than now – especially as Cape Town and other parts of the country faces one of its worst droughts in over a decade.

“Teaching your kids from a young age not to waste water is extremely important and getting them into habits that make them water conscious can be educational, fun, and easy,” says primary school principal of Riverside College, Lynne Arbuckle.

“Educating children to be aware of how much water they use is vital for our planet – it not only helps them to understand and respect their environment, but also encourages them to take responsibility for their actions and role in society,” says Arbuckle.

When you teach kids the importance of water conservation, you are giving them a good foundation to build and learn from as they grow – after all, they are our green warriors of the future.

Ms. Arbuckle offers some simple tips on how to make living water wise a way of life:

  1. Be a tap captain – tell your children not to let the tap run unnecessarily while brushing their teeth or soaping their hands. You will be amazed at how much water you can save by remembering this simple habit.
  2. Show your shower power – encourage your children to shower for no more than five minutes and make sure that they turn off the tap when lathering themselves up with soap or shampooing their hair.
  3. Be a leak detective – ask your kids to make sure regularly that all taps around the house are tightly closed so that no water escapes and runs down the drain.
  4. Be a conservative flusher – when going to the toilet, only flush if it is absolutely necessary.
  5. Be a green warrior – explain to your kids, that every single person has a responsibility to look after our earth and conserve our water supply for the good of all living things.


Lynne Arbuckle has been the principal of Riverside College, based in Cape Town’s Burgundy Estate, since 2013. The pre-primary, primary and secondary schools have a holistic approach to education, with a comprehensive academic, sports and extra mural activity programme. All classes are capped at 24 learners.




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