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R24-million housing plan for Ocean View

Approval for a new development node next to Ocean View near Kommetijie will allow for 207 houses to be built on the land. The R24-million deal is the result of a collaborative partnership with the Kompanjiestuin Development Company, made up of STAG African, JBB Properties and the Van Der Horst Family Trust.

“The joint initiative will contribute towards finding practical solutions for some of Ocean View’s community challenges by giving them a viable stake in the development of the land,” spokesperson for the Ocean View Development Trust, Trevor Edwards said.

The 15.4-hectare tract of land was donated by the Kompanjiestuin Development Company in 2003. Income derived from the development will be aimed at funding social upliftment in Ocean View, an area severely affected by high levels of substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and gangsterism.

“The initiative is part of an understanding by the landowners to create housing and employment opportunities for a marginalised community,” John Schooling, MD of STAG African and spokesperson for the donors of the land said. “We worked to create an integration of two diverse areas and find resources to address acute social ills in the area”.

“The initiative is one of the most significant contributions to the upliftment of Ocean View residents in recent years and further provides a model for equalising the quality of residential areas through the development process. We hope that this model can be replicated elsewhere to allow the economic benefits of land development to flow to poorer communities,” Edwards said.



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