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PROFILE: Dave Swart – Riverside College

Dave Swart has been appointed principal of Riverside College, an exciting challenge for the father of three grown up children. For Swart, teaching is about more than helping children pass their grades, but ensuring they grow up to have good work ethic and a positive attitude. With a history in counselling, Swart fulfilled his dream to teach, when he moved to Cape Town and took up a position at Riverside College in Burgundy Estate.
With a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and sociology and a postgraduate certificate in education, Swart is passionate about social work, youth counselling and life coaching. He has completed a number of Life Line courses and runs a counselling service called Introspect Life Coaching.
The ethos behind Riverside College is close to Swart’s heart. Riverside College has a holistic approach to education, treating each child as an individual with their own unique needs. “Although we are still a new school, we are growing fast and going places. I look forward to taking up my new post as principal and hope to inspire confidence and success in our learners.”
Swart likes to work outside of the box with his leaners, allowing them the opportunity to explore issues in a safe environment and keeping the content relevant to their ages. He works tirelessly to guide learners, assists with disciplinary issues and acts as a mediator and believes it is important for learners to develop the skills they need to cope with modern day challenges.
“As a teacher you go above and beyond the call of duty, but witnessing the learners reach their potential is the most rewarding feeling I have ever felt – I would not give up this career for anything else,” says Swart.


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