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Nothing Bland about Cuth – profile

Cuth Bland is quite the opposite of what her surname might suggest. In fact her taste buds are hot property – especially in the coffee world. As one of three Q-graders in South Africa, she is part of an elite group of global coffee connoisseurs. Passing an intensive course devoted to coffee tasting, few of which are successful, Cuth initially qualified as a Q-grader in Ethiopia and this year gained recertification in Kenya – nothing bland about that.

In 2010, Cuth joined Bean There Coffee Company, South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee. Although her role is officially in research and development, it is her innovative flare that really defines what she does. She has a variety of essential coffee skills – a talented barista, trainer and judge. This allows her to manage all of Bean There’s roasting, quality control, coffee cupping practices, and ensures all the company equipment and machinery are well-maintained and operating optimally. In a nut shell (or rather a coffee bean), she has the important responsibility of turning each cup of Bean There coffee into liquid gold.

Cuth loves sharing her appreciation for and knowledge about coffee, and especially enjoys taking people on coffee tasting adventures experimenting with brewing methods, varietals, and food pairings.

Cuth’s first professional interaction with coffee was in 1999 when she started working as a barista at Seattle Coffee Company. When she realised that making cup after cup of coffee just didn’t get old, she knew the coffee world was where she belonged. After eight and a half years working as a barista, she moved on to Origin in Cape Town where she helped to develop their coffee training school and started to learn the art of roasting coffee.

Cuth’s deep belief in the complexity and beauty of coffee, and her commitment to sustainable development for both coffee producers and their communities makes her an invaluable member of the coffee community, both in South Africa and globally.

To find out more about Bean There’s home barista and brewing courses run by Cuth follow the link below or call 087 310 3100.



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