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Natural remedies for dark eye circles

Dark circles under your eyes occur as a result of a lack of vitamins, sleep, water, mental and physical stress and an unhealthy diet. Leonete Galiano, founder of Wema Bodycare, a locally made all natural range of beauty products, offers some useful tips to get rid of raccoon eyes naturally.

“Almond oil is great for brightening your under-eye area. Just massage a little bit of the oil into the dark area of your eyes every night before bed for a couple of weeks and voila,” she says. “The oil helps nourish the skin and the massage will help circulation, causing the darkness to fade.”

Other natural products include cooled cucumber slices, which are hydrating, nourishing and contain astringent properties, raw potatoes which contain natural bleaching agents, help reduce puffiness and lighten dark circles and rose water which has excellent skin rejuvenating properties.

“Home remedies are quick, easy, inexpensive and incredibly effective,” says Galiano who started out making products for her friends and family before realising that there was a huge market for her all natural range of products. “Wema means goodness in Swahili, all of our products are handmade with a limited list of natural ingredients.”

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