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National Savings Month: NGO helps kids get thrifty

July is National Savings Month and local NGO Heartlines, the Centre for Values Promotion, continues their mission to educate South Africans on financial literacy. Recognising the importance of teaching good values around money at an early age, Heartlines designed the Values and Money Community Campaign and My Money My Values campaign to assist school-going children and young adults with learning the importance of financial values.

“Money management education should start at school-going age. Since the current curriculum contributes little in this regard, we teach these values to students using relatable, age-appropriate material,” says Heartlines CEO Dr Garth Japhet.

Using their popular film Nothing for Mahala as a springboard, Heartlines has taken the message of values and money around South Africa. They have presented at school assemblies and life orientation classes as well as teacher and youth training sessions. The programmes promote key money values such as honesty, diligence and thrift, as well as having a big focus on self-control in saving.

Two resources for schools have been produced:

  • Stories that Talk Money – a storybook for primary schools
  • My Money My Values for life – an LO lesson guide for high schools

“Our mission is to see individuals, families and society educated on matters such as materialism, debt, corruption, crime, overspending and unemployment,” says Japhet. “The ignorance around money matters in South Africa is alarming; loan sharks have flourishing careers because unfortunately people are easily exploited.”

To date, over 10 000 storybooks have been distributed, over 15 500 primary-school learners and 35 600 high-school learners have been reached across South Africa by Heartlines.

Visit for more information on the Values & Money Community Campaign (sponsored by Nedbank) and My Money My Values (sponsored by The John Templeton Foundation) or other Heartlines productions and activities.



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