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Matrics gearing up for finals

With just under six weeks to prepare for the final matric exams, the clock is ticking for Grade 12 learners. Matrics can leverage their preliminary exams to consolidate everything they’ve learned over the past two years, boost their year mark and secure a place at their chosen university.

“Prelims are often pitched at a slightly higher difficulty because they’re the only objective benchmark to determine a learner’s readiness for finals,” says Rebecca Pretorius, country manager for Crimson Education. “Many underestimate the importance and value of these exams; these are the marks that determine whether you get into the university of your choice.”

Pretorius offers some study advice to Matrics in the lead up to finals:

  1. Review your study timetable – after prelims, you should have a good idea on how much time you’ll need to dedicate to preparing for each subject. This will help you draw up an accurate and realistic timetable. Remember to allocate time for study breaks and exercise too.
  2. Find your focus areas – when your results come in, you’ll be able to determine which subjects you’ll need to focus on. Build your confidence in sections you struggled with during prelims, it is likely that the material will appear in your final exam.
  3. Consolidate your study methods – summarise work which you feel more comfortable with, and alternate revising these areas with more difficult subjects by tackling past papers. Find alternative study methods like podcasts and YouTube videos that show practical application and interesting case studies for your chosen subjects.
  4. Get a tutor – Approach university students or private tutors for extra lessons. Often the insight and assistance of someone who is not your regular teacher can provide a fresh perspective and approach, which you may not have been aware of before.
  5. Stay healthy – getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet is vital to managing stress and energy levels while studying and writing exams. Drink plenty fluids, take frequent breaks and make an effort to exercise during this time.

“Learners who have worked consistently throughout the year should be adequately prepared for finals. Those who haven’t been as diligent, will need to hit the books – the next few weeks in the build-up to finals will be crucial in determining their success,” says Pretorius.

Crimson Education is a global EdTech company which focuses on building the candidacy of high school students wanting to study at top ranked universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Through a team mentorship model, learners connect with admission strategists and tutors to assist them with the complex application process for overseas universities. Pretorius and her team host regular information evenings for students and parents interested in studying abroad For more information visit or email




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