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Leftfield beats the Suckers

Integrated boutique Cape Town advertising agency, Leftfield, have launched an impactful “anti-mosquito” campaign for their Swedish client ThermaCELL. Called “Beat the Suckers”, the campaign, which has been run through social media platforms and a buy-to-win competition mechanic, has targeted local outdoor enthusiasts.

“Mosquito season comes into full force just as South Africa’s beer, braaivleis and Venter trailer brigade prepare en masse for the summer holidays. With this in mind, we created a targeted campaign appealing to a very specific market,” MD of Leftfield Jason Cumming said.

Facing a number of challenges including, price, competition in the market and a limited budget, Leftfield created a simple Facebook app where fans were encouraged to rant and win. “Everyone has a mosquito story to tell, we provided the platform for people to share their stories, images or videos. In a short space of time, we successfully and effectively managed to reach our core target market,” Cumming said.

“Venter trailers are synonymous with outdoor holidays in South Africa, to further drive awareness around ThermaCELL mosquito repellent products, which are new to the South African market and only available at a high-end price, we decided to join hands with a suitable iconic brand through a very simple buy-to-win concept – Buy a ThermaCELL and stand to win a Venter trailer,” Cumming said.

The campaign, which was launched in November pulled in more than 1 000 Facebook likes in the first two weeks and ThermaCELL, which is owned by Swedish company Acreto, have seen a sharp increase in awareness from consumers as well as customers and other retailers.

“At this time of year, when everyone is going on holiday, we couldn’t think of a better incentive. We would have thrown in a Venter trailer full of cold beers but Santa is yet to respond to our Facebook friend request,” Cumming added.


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MD: Jason Cumming

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