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Learners outshine parents, media in school quiz

What’s the scientific name for kneecap? How did Leonardo da Vinci contribute to Afrikaans becoming an official language? Which is the second longest river in Africa? Is a novel classified as fiction or non-fiction? What is the definition of a perpendicular angle? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, chances are, you would not pass the new school curriculum that was set in place across all schools countrywide earlier this year.

In preparation for the June exams, Riverside College, which is based in Burgundy Estate in the Northern Suburbs, hosted a school quiz based on the new CAPS curriculum, acronym for theCurriculum Assessment Policy Statements, a national system that has been phased into primary schools over the past two years. Grades four to seven learners, together with parents and media, were put to the test and asked questions on a variety of subjects, including Maths, History, Geography, English and Natural Science.

“By using fun methods for revision, learners are able to test themselves without the content becoming too dry or boring,” Primary School Principal at Riverside College, Lynne Arbuckle, said. “Adjusting to the new curriculum was a challenge at first, but we are now beginning to see the benefits – our learners are better at working through problems and have more independence. The new system allows for a much clearer progression from grade to grade, allowing learners to build from a firm foundation.”

Established in 2006 Riverside College is a pre-primary, primary and high school. Offering a holistic approach to education, classes are capped at 24 learners for individualised attention. Over and above their academic programme, the school hosts a number of sports and extra mural activities throughout the year.

The quiz, which was held during Child Protection Week, highlights education as a basic human right. As part of their school quiz event, Riverside College raised funds for Jelly Beanz, a Table View organisation that provides services to abused and traumatised children.


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