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Jane’s delicious gardening kit

Television producer, author, artist and traveller, Jane Griffiths has been growing organic vegetables and herbs for more than fifteen years. Author of Jane’s Delicious Garden, the fiery redhead has led the home grown, organic vegetable revolution in South Africa. She shares her must have gardening kit with us.

  • Knowledge is the most essential tool in the garden – the more you know about your plants and their environment, the better off you and your garden will be.
  • Sharpen your tools – from small hand secateurs to large clippers with extendable handles, don’t underestimate the power of an excellent set of gardening tools. Add a hand hoe to your list – this is one of the most useful tools that I own.
  • Smaller is better! Spades that are smaller are more energy efficient and reach into little spaces better.
  • Cover up – being a red head means I’m extra sensitive to the sun. Emthunzini Hats gets my green thumbs up – they’re UPF50+ and have the nod of approval from the Cancer Association of South Africa – visit and get yourself one!
  • Keep a diary – this one doesn’t have to be kept under lock and key but it’s certainly useful with keeping track of what’s been planted and it allows you to dream, draw and plan the future.
  • Pack a basket with all the things that you may need for a gardening mission – this is a huge time saver and helps with keeping everything you need in one findable, portable place.
  • Find support – when your garden is in full flourish, you will need to keep tying things back or backing them up with support. Ensure you have lots of stakes, sticks and portable fences and don’t forget the string; old stockings will do too.
  • While gloves are a good idea, I’m a big fan of getting my hands dirty – this leaves me with one final essential tip for my kit – hand cream.

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