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inDriver Africa expansion in top gear

E-hailing app inDriver gets riders and drivers to bargain.

16 May 2019 – Ride hailing app inDriver has launched in Johannesburg, South Africa with 3 000 newly registered drivers. The bargain for a fair price taxi app, which had a successful debut in Arusha, Tanzania at the end of 2018, aims to enter the Kenyan and Nigerian markets next.

“We want to give the power of setting prices back into the hands of passengers and drivers by countering price surging used by other ride-hailing companies,” says inDriver spokesperson Rifqa Carr. Passengers using the app pay on average 20-30% less than with other services. While pre-approved rates in the app are used to guide users – the final fare is set by the passenger and driver in a real-time negotiation.

Suited to longer commutes, the more affordable platform for passengers also benefits drivers, with 0% commission charged for the first few months. “Drivers have the freedom to choose whichever ride request they like, without any risk of being penalised. They’re also are able to see the full fare, from point A to point B, and can then decide if they want to accept the request – or not,” says Carr.

A unique feature to inDriver is that drivers are not automatically assigned to riders. Once the counteroffers are in, passengers can select the most suitable driver in line with what categories are most important to them – fare, driver rating, estimated time of arrival or vehicle model.

The new safety button allows both driver and riders to call emergency numbers from inside the app. In addition, both parties can share their GPS location in real time from the app with trusted contacts. Cutting out transaction fees and other costs associated with higher commission rates, payment is cash only.

It all started on a Russian social network, with a group of indignant taxi riders who objected to price surges when temperatures dropped below minus 45-degrees Celsius. In just six months, more than 60 000 people had joined the group – which soon became an app that has proven highly adaptable for a diverse collection of markets across Eastern Europe, Latin America and now Africa.

Used by 22-million people in more than 200 cities, inDriver is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. The service is live in Johannesburg and Cape Town.





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Spokesperson: Rifqa Carr


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