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In synch with mobile technology

Mobile technology is driving the home and office automation market by making it affordable and accessible to the average Jo Soap – that’s you and me. Once an exclusive offering to the mega wealthy, automated mobile services, already a huge market overseas, are on the verge of exploding in South Africa. Think Snap Scan but on steroids.

“In the not so distant future everything will be linked to your phone – your alarm system, your light switches, your payroll and your coffee machine that knows exactly how and when you’d like your daily shot,” says Riaan Swart, MD and founder of Solv, an IT concierge company based in Cape Town.

The figures speak for themselves with Grand View Research anticipating the global smart home market to reach $47.61-billion in value by 2020. “South Africa is a bit behind with smart technology, however there is no doubt that we’re following the global trend,” Swart says. “Mobile phones are big business, just ask the guys at Apple, Microsoft, Google and Honeywell – the race to be the leader of the pack is on, and it’s being fiercely contested.”

Swart who’s background is in IT retail, he founded Chaos Computers, which at it’s prime ran seven retail stores across the Western Cape and managed a turnover of R67-million, opened Solv, an IT concierge company earlier this year. Sensing a shift in the market and identifying a new business opportunity, Solv is aimed at providing IT services, including on and off site repairs, remote desktop support, data security and tech audits to small businesses and homeowners.

“In the fast-paced, high energy, technology must work world that we live in, we will become increasingly dependent on our phones as a multi-management platform; your wallet, GPS and on/off button in one unit. It makes sense to have everything available on one device. The cost effectiveness of mobile technology has opened so many doors; we’re only just touching the tip of the iceberg. Exciting times lie ahead and we’re looking forward to being at the forefront of the trend,” he says.



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Founder and Director: Riaan Swart

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