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Here there, everywhere a pop up

From art to fashion, tech gadgets, food and Cape Town’s latest offering, an open air-cinema, the pop-up concept has spread like wildfire. Providing a bricks and mortar presence, without the complexity and cost of a long-term commitment to a physical location, pop ups existed well before the turn of the century, but it’s not until recently that they started to enter the mainstream. The global phenomenon has gone from strength to strength; its popularity fuelled by word of mouth recommendations and fan endorsement on social media platforms.

“We wanted to showcase all that the city has to offer and merge it with a fun evening out,” co-founder of The Galileo, Huenu Solsona said. “The concept itself is quite simple but logistically there is a lot to organise. The Galileo is not just about going to the movies, it’s about the entire experience and that comes with a lot of expectation and hard work.”

The Galileo Open Air cinema, which travels between Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville, Kirstenbosch Gardens in Newlands and the V&A Waterfront in town, harks back to the nostalgia of an old school drive-in experience. From old time classics, adventure flicks and romantic comedies, the venue is as much a highlight as the actual movie being screened.

“I first experienced an outdoor cinema when I was living in Whistler, Canada, and even though we always froze watching the movies, it was still loads of fun,” Argentinian born, proudly South African raised Solsona said. “With the warmer Cape Town weather and the visual feast that the city boasts, I knew that we could pull off a stellar event if we got all the elements just right.”

Creative, engaging and exciting, the pop up concept is short-term – making it all the more alluring. Fear of missing out, or FOMO as it’s become known in social media circles, adds the must have element to any sales formula.

“Pop up stores and events definitely have the must see, must experience now advantage. They carry the excitement of being new, innovative and unique, a crowd puller in itself,” says Solsona. “We’ve had a great season to date, bar a few windy Cape Town evenings, and are looking forward to rolling out an exciting line-up for the rest of summer.”


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