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Gift your time this festive season

Ditch the expensive gifts this festive season and gift your time to an organisation or cause that could do with some extra cheer in December. The festive season is a time for giving; from volunteering your time, your skills or donating your previously loved goods, make someone else’s day and be selfless – it’s a sure fire way to get into the Christmas spirit.

“One small act of goodwill can go a long way,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of online social platform forgood ( “This isn’t an easy time of year for many of the causes listed on our site and some extra help in the form of goods or time donated would be welcomed.”

Describing themselves as a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for, forgood is a hub for individuals, groups and causes – an online platform that connects the dots and makes finding ways to give back, quick, easy and fun.

“Get into the true spirit of the festive season and take the time this holiday to do something meaningful,” says Hadfield. “Technology has made getting involved and doing good simple, quick and easy, which in turn has a real social impact on the non profit sector.”

Currently there are more than 140 000 registered non-profits in South Africa, the bulk of which are struggling to make it by on a day-to-day basis. The majority of causes receive very little attention, mostly due to the fact that they are unknown.

“Forgood opens the door for these causes. All of the causes registered on forgood have been vetted and our platform provides a user-friendly channel for individuals and organisations who are looking for legitimate causes and projects to support,” says Hadfield.

Feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Visit and choose from the following options.

  1. Donate your previously loved goods
  2. Volunteer your time or skills
  3. If you can’t find a match, create a Personalised Offer and forgood will match it out to causes near you. Give on your own terms.
  4. Make a connection and instantly get into the Christmas spirit!



Distributed by Be-cause Integrated Communications:

Beverley Houston

021 447 1082 / 082 824 8617

On behalf of forgood:

CEO: Andy Hadfield (@andyhadfield)

Facebook: /forgoodSA

Twitter: @forgoodSA

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