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Food parcels for Wolseley’s elderly

Situated on the outskirts of the Tulbagh Valley, lies Wolseley, a tiny farming community. An area of abject poverty and unemployment, Wolseley is home to a group of inspiring senior citizens who meet every day at their local community centre. Most of them have worked all their lives as domestic workers and farm labourers and the winter months are especially hard and cold.
Food is one of the most basic and urgent needs in Wolseley. Breadline Africa, a Cape Town based NGO, has arranged for 80 food parcels to be delivered to the elderly residents who live there. Each parcel has been filled with nourishing essentials and a blanket to help the families put food on the table and keep them warm over the icy winter months.
“Some of the residents that we’ve organised food parcels for are well into their 90’s, anxiety about where their next meal is coming from is a constant worry, made even worse during the tough winter months,” projects officer for Breadline Africa, Edna Titus said.
The impact of HIV/Aids can be felt across the community, with many of the homes being run by grandmothers, who have been left to support their extended family and relatives.
“The hardship and suffering is shocking, yet despite the sadness and poverty, we are always greeted with the warmest smiles,” Titus said. “The food parcels, will help lift some spirit and make a small difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.”
Breadline Africa has provided over 200 containers to poverty stricken communities since their establishment in 1993. The NGO specialises in renovating disused shipping containers and recycling them for essential community purposes. The disused shipping containers are renovated and used as community kitchens to serve food to the very poor, day care centres for children, sports club changing rooms, health clinics, ablution blocks and educare centres and libraries and media centres in schools.
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