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Summer bodies are made in winter

It might seem a little premature to be talking about summer bodies in June, but what you do (or don’t do) over the next two to three months will determine how you look come bikini season. With the cold mornings and evenings upon us, Wendy-Joy Timmes, head trainer at Adventure Boot Camp, offers some helpful tips to get you out of your onesie and ready, set, fit for summer.

Work out directly before or after work:

Make exercise part of your daily routine – it’s so much easier to slot it in on the way to work or on your way home. “Your feel-good hormones definitely need a boost in winter and exercise is the perfect natural remedy for this,” says Wendy-Joy. Not only is exercise a natural anti-depressant; it will keep you motivated and your mind alert during the colder months. This all equates to a happy boss and ultimately a happier you.

Sign up with a friend:

Make a commitment to exercise with someone; this will give you the extra motivation that you need during the cold winter months. Set goals with each other and agree on how many times you’re going to exercise that week. “Part of the reason why Adventure Boot Camp works is because of the motivation provided by everyone else doing the camp,” says Wendy-Joy. “It’s not as easy to opt for the couch when you’ve got the support of other women doing the class with you!”

Out with the junk:

Healthy eating is so much easier – if you are prepared. Have a meal plan set out for the week ahead and stock up on food that warms you up, but is still healthy. This means that when you come home starving hungry after a workout, you’ll have a hearty, nutritious meal ready and waiting for you.

Challenge yourself:

Still struggling to get into the summer body mind set? Set a goal and reward yourself once you’ve achieved it! “Adventure Boot Camp challenges our winter campers to a 40 Day Dare, which takes place over our June and July camps; when you have an end goal to work towards, you’re more likely to achieve what you’ve set out to do.”

Recognising that exercise is tougher during the winter months, Adventure Boot Camp offers a special rate for their June and July camps; register for both camps (40 sessions in total) at a cost of R890 and save 35%. Visit to find a class and suitable time slot in your area. Camps, which take place over four weeks for one hour in the morning or evening, are available across the country, and you can choose between one, three or five days a week – sign up for summer now!



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