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Exercise (at any age) is important – here’s why

Beyond weight control and weight loss, exercise at any age provides multiple benefits. From stress relief, to promoting a healthy heart and preventing osteoporosis, exercise goes a long way in keeping the doctor (and the bills that come with each visit) away.

Adventure Boot Camp franchise owner and fitness trainer Chirene Wiid says it’s never too late to start exercising; “Amongst the 20 to 40-year-old campers, I’ve got my 60-year-old mom who joins us at camp. Our classes have been designed for all body shapes, sizes and ages and the positive benefits of exercise can be seen on everyone that attends. The transformation in our campers’ mental outlook and physical appearance is testament to the multiple benefits of exercise – just ask my mom!”

Chirene, who runs the Kyalami Adventure Boot Camp, is also a qualified life coach – her approach to working out and staying fit is a 360 approach to wellness; “Exercise is not just about being toned. While this is obviously important, it’s also about the hormonal shift that happens when you include cardiovascular activity into your routine – endorphins are not called happy hormones for nothing.”

Apart from strength training and flexibility exercises, which are core to one’s overall fitness and well-being, exercise is excellent for memory traction and the prevention of the so-called lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and dementia. “It’s great to have my mom join me at camp, she’s a role model for our younger campers who, through her, can see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercising from a young age.”

“Exercise has always been a part of my lifestyle; I enjoy attending Chirene’s classes, not just because she’s my daughter, but because of the full body workout that I receive at each session. I love the motivation that I get from the younger campers – it’s such a social environment for everyone that attends,” says Charmaine, Chirene’s mom.

To encourage women of all ages to exercise and to celebrate Mother’s Day, which takes place in May, Adventure Boot Camp is offering a 20% discount to all mom and daughter teams who sign up for their four-week May camp. For more information and to find a camp in your area, visit



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