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Door-to-door IT concierge service launches

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. In the fast-paced, high energy, technology must work world that we live in, there is no time for error. Think about the last time your laptop crashed – all that time spent locating a service provider, booking in your PC, waiting for days before receiving any feedback, worrying that your data had been lost – tick tock, tick tock.

Seeing time, or the opportunity to create more of it, Solv was launched in March 2014. Offering a door-to-door IT concierge service, the Solv Squad are on hand to help individuals and small businesses with managing and easing there technology-related stress.

Solv provides a broad range of services to individual home users with simple technology needs, through to businesses in need of IT services, data security and backup for up to 100 staff members.

Gone are the days of lugging your faulty equipment to a bored technician, the Solv Squad will come through to you – imagine for one second all that time you have accumulated. Time that you can now spend with your family, going for an afternoon run, reading the newspaper or hatching your next big business idea. Could Solv possibly be the start of the four-day work week? Dare to dream.



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Beverley Houston

021 447 1082 / 082 824 8617

On behalf of Solv

Founder and Director: Riaan Swart

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