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Don’t drunk dial – exercise

Breaking up with someone is never easy, even when you know that the person is wrong for you. What can be even harder though, is getting over them. And while it may seem like a good idea at the time to call them at 3am in the morning, just in case they’ve had a change of heart, it really won’t help with getting yourself back onto the single and fabulous bandwagon. Exercise, in this instance, really is a far more constructive and healthy way to deal with a broken heart.

Besides serving as a good distraction, exercise helps release emotions and channel post-breakup energy in positive way. “Exercise will help build a stronger and healthier you, which will boost your self esteem and confidence and you will look and feel amazing too. There is no quick-fix breakup recipe; focus your energy on being healthy and doing things that are good for you,” says qualified life coach and Adventure Boot Camp franchise owner and fitness trainer Chirene Wiid.

Coined the “breakover” (an internal and external post-breakup makeover) exercise will boost your happy endorphins, heal your heart and help you look great too. “While being the hottest you’ve ever been can’t fully heal a broken heart, it sure does help,” adds Chirene.

Chirene’s “breakover” tips

Exercise your blues away: The absence of pleasure-producing endorphins after a breakup can make you feel sluggish and miserable. Make a promise to do something active for 60 minutes a day for 30 days. An outdoor exercise programme, like Adventure Boot Camp, is an excellent idea – not only does exercise increase your endorphins, but being outdoors and meeting new people in a social environment is just what the doctor ordered.

Eat healthily and regularly: Don’t skip meals or resort to junk food. Your body can’t function properly without the proper nutrition. Eat wholesome meals that are balanced and freshly made.

Get plenty of sleep: There’s nothing more replenishing to your body than quality sleep. If you are having trouble going to sleep because of punishing, painful thoughts, keep a journal by your bed – when you can’t sleep at night, write down your anxieties and imagine them flowing out of you and onto the paper.

Meditate, don’t medicate: Avoid using drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine and resist the urge to stuff down your feelings using chocolate and food. You’ll only end up feeling worse about yourself. Instead, take five minutes to sit quietly, meditate, practice yoga or deep breathing and, if that doesn’t work, go for a run, it’s a sure fire way to release your happy hormones.

In need of a post break up fix?

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