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Court rules on Fort Hare residences

The building of a 2 046-bed residence at the University of Fort Hare in Alice will resume, with a court decision ruling in favour of ASAG / Isondlo. The residences, of which two have already been completed, will help address the major accommodation shortage at the university. Fort Hare’s lack of accommodation continues to be one of its biggest challenges, with university-owned residences only able to accommodate 34% of its student population.

“The University welcomes the decision of the independent adjudication panel. In this court challenge we draw lessons and take pride in knowing that our Supply Chain Management processes could withstand the test in the choice of a bidder,” Doctor Mvuyo Tom, Vice Chancellor University of Fort Hare said.

The new buildings will see the students being housed in attractive and functional residences, which will cater for their academic needs through recreational and study areas. “We need to create the right conditions for academic success and that starts with providing good accommodation, if we get this right, then we’ve created an environment where students will thrive,” John Schooling, Director of STAG African and representative of the ASAG / Isondlo joint venture said.

“The ruling paves the way for this project to be speedily undertaken in order to recover the lost time and deliver the necessary student beds required by our students. With the latest news, we trust that the first 250 student beds shall be readily available for occupation by students in 2016,” Tom said.

“Residences play a vital role at universities; they create a sense of community, a place of belonging and an environment for transformation and integration. Accommodation for students is more than providing a place to sleep; it is about creating a listening, learning and living environment. This is crucial to the success of the housing facilities provided by the university,” Schooling said.



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