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Bean There launches limited edition roast

Bean There Coffee Company, South Africa’s first roaster of certified direct fair trade coffee has launched their latest, limited-edition Olga’s Reserve. Founder Jonathan Robinson was introduced to coffee by his grandmother Olga. In recognition of her influence and love for coffee, the exclusive roast named in her honour, is a carefully selected, rare, micro-lot coffee. In line with Bean There’s commitment to uplifting and empowering small-scale farmers in Africa, 10% from each 250g bag sold, is given back to the community that produced it.

“My grandmother Olga used to drink her coffee black with a square of dark chocolate. She’d say to us as kids, ‘try coffee without sugar, you’ll taste the flavours, it will revolutionise your life’ – it did in more ways than one,” says Robinson, who since launching Bean There in his garage 13 years ago has established three roasteries, two in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town.

The company launched their first Olga’s Reserve in 2010. This year’s roast is a natural sundried coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the proceeds raised from sales will go towards purchasing processing equipment for the producers of the Virunga Coffee Company.

“We buy between five and ten bags of really amazing coffee from one particular community – and we don’t repeat it. Then R40 a kilogram goes back to the community,” says Robinson. “We’ve been able to support a variety of initiatives for the communities with the money raised over the years, including installing solar panels, putting a roof on a school, supplying farming tools and transforming classrooms.”

Exhibiting a sweet malty aroma with fresh lime acidity, drink it like Olga would have – slowly, with a piece of dark chocolate in peace and quiet, where you can savour every sip.


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