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forgood October 2, 2017

Technology has changed how we give

From crowdfunding and instant mobile payments for emergency relief to virtual volunteering platforms, technology has changed the way we give. By allowing individuals to assist in real-time, the Internet has…

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Chat Find September 27, 2017

Why go mobile – four fast facts

Tech is changing the way we find information, connect with people, travel and shop. Businesses are increasingly under pressure to budget for website development, digital marketing, social media management and…

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PPO Serve August 31, 2017

Why an NHI is necessary

The South African private healthcare system is in a time of review and reformulation. The Health Market Inquiry (HMI) and National Health Insurance (NHI) White Paper have spelt out the…

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Chat Find August 28, 2017

How to make it as a freelancer

In a struggling economic climate, more South Africans find themselves carrying two or more job titles. Increasingly so, independent professionals are using mobile technology to create ecosystems of work they…

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Be-cause has a fresh approach to public relations and are professional and efficient to work with. In no time we could see results in our social media presence and it didn’t take long for print and broadcast media to take note of our school too. We are more than satisfied with the results delivered by Be-cause and we recommend their services without any hesitation.

Elana Edwards
Founder and Director, Riverside College